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What is web 1.0 and web 2.0

Web 1.0 refers to static website, also known as flat pages or stationary pages. This website is “as is” meaning cannot be manipulated by the user and their content is the same for all user.

Static website Architecture

Most of the web 1.0 are written in plain HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) code.

Examples of web 1.0


Web 2.0 is a website that contain dynamic content. Dynamic sites are usually fetches data from the server and is written using server side scripting language such as PHP, ASP, JSP, and cold-fusion.

Dynamic website Architecture

The most common example of web 2.0 are,, twitter etc.. all are dynamic websites in which data is updated every moment.


What is ICT?

ICT or Information and Communication Technology refers to the integration of telecommunications such as telephone lines and cellphone signals. It is also used to describe a wide range of technological media that includes:

  • The Internet
  • Mobile Phones
  • Programmable Toys
  • Digital Cameras
  • Printers
  • Scanners etc.

When we use video call we used internet. When we send a text or make a call we used a cellular phone. When we run out of load we use payphone which use a telephone network. Having a unified way of communication is one of the goals of ICT. In terms of economics, ICT saved companies a lot of resources with the kind of communication technology they used now a days. In similar way, we spend less because of ICT. As we can send multiple message in the internet.

What are the Components of ICT?

Components of ICT
  1. Software – a series of instruction that tells the computer what to do.
  2. Cloud Computing – Computer operations carried out over computers linked to the web.
  3. Hardware – referes to the actual physical machines that make a computer system.
  4. Internet Access – refers to the process of connecting to the internet using personal computers, laptops or mobile devices by users or enterprises.
  5. Data – is a raw information. The word was originally the plural of datum, which means “a single fact,” but it is now used as a collective singular.
  6. Communication Technology –  refers to all equipment and programs that are used to process and communicate information. 
  7. Transaction – is any exchange of economic consideration that can be reasonably measured and affects the firm’s financial position.  Software – programs that tell computer what to do.

What is Empowerment Technology?

Empowerment Technology or E-Tech is one of the subject in senior high school. This subject discuss the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) that we can use for specific task such as powerpoint presentation, mail merging in MS word, cloud computing and creation of personal blogs.

How important Empowerment Technology?

There are three importance of Empowerment Technology and these are for communication, to make our lives easier and to help our country for its modernization plans.



Empowerment Technology is important for it is used as a source of communication. As years passed, lots of gadgets and other devices have improved its uses. Before, a cellular phone is only used for texting, calling and playing simple games. Now, due to technology convergence or the way technology changes or evolves its system, a cellular phone is not just used for texting, calling and playing simple games. It is now used for communicating people from other places by the use of the internet and applications or softwares such as facebook, messenger, twitter, viber, kakao talk and etc that is consistently been used by mostly everyone of us. Without these applications or softwares, we cannot communicate every day with the people who are far from us. Since Empowerment Technology is well-known among everyone of us, communication with other people who are far from us will never be a problem anymore. Friendships that has been broken by distance has now been rebuilt through the use of Empowerment Technology.


Empowerment Technology is important since it makes our individual lives easier in different aspects such as for school matters, office or work matters and for our individual matters. Before, blackboards and whiteboards are one of the tools used in teaching students. Now, there are already LCD Projectors that is being used by many institutions or schools nowadays. By the help of Empowerment Technology, teachers made their lives easier through the use of these projectors and the students as well made their lives easier in acquiring knowledge. E-Tech is not just useful for the school matters, but it is also useful in an office or work matters and for personal matters as well. For example, when you are ought to make a presentation. Since, technology has evolved, we already has these presentation softwares such as Microsoft presentation, Prezi, Lotus’ Freelance Graphics and etc. Without these presentation softwares, we will all still be stuck onto those visual aid presentation. Empowerment Technology doesn’t just  conserve time, but it can make our lives easier.


Empowerment Technology is important for it also helping our country for its modernization plans. We are now living in a world where everyone is upgrading its systems. It is called modernization. Empowerment technologies can help in modernization because it can strengthen our plans to be competitive with other countries by building up some new technologies for the betterment of our nation. Philippines has a potential onto being competitive with other countries such as Finland, Japan, and United States – that its success toward the field of technology is far beyond what everyone expected.

Empowerment Technology is important, for without E-Tech, it will hinder our future success in the field of technology.